Mount Pleasant


The Mount Pleasant Community Development was first established in 1992 to assist downtown property owners with buildings and other improvements. With lackluster funding and an uncertain direction, the group relinquished the charter and disbanded in 2002.


 In 2008, the charter was reinstated and the Mount Pleasant Community Development Corporation, with expanded responsibilities, received a second life.


 Funded by municipal, non-profit and private investments, the CDC is a viable asset to the Mount Pleasant Community. With three areas of focus; education, economic development and a better quality of life, the CDC works with our schools, city and county governments, and local organizations to make Mount Pleasant a better community in which to live.


The Mount Pleasant Community Development Corporation will work to make the

City of Mount Pleasant a vibrant community with a high quality of life that utilizes its resources in creating social, economic, and educational opportunities that are available to all its citizens while maintaining an appreciation of its historic past and unique charm.


Mount Pleasant Community Development Corporation


Economic Development

Quality of Life