100 South Main Street

Mount Pleasant, TN 38474



Mon-Tues 7:00a - 2p

Wed-Sat 7:00a - 9p

Sunday Breakfast & Full Menu Served 11a - 2p


Mt Pleasant Grille began serving great southern food in December 2007, but locals know its story began long before then. From 1911 to 1962 the 100 South Main Street property was home to many businesses, including George Brothers’ Department Store, Mabel’s Beauty Shop, B & H Billiard Parlor, Goodyear/Easy Pay Tire Store. Barnes Drugs, which later became Wright’s Pharmacy, boasted a popular soda fountain. Various local unions of the phosphate industry met upstairs, which was also used for town meetings. The stage, still upstairs in this building, was home to shows by Grand Ole Opry up-and-coming musicians, who later became

world-famous country stars.