The Natchez Trace Parkway stretches 444 miles from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville. It follows and connects a series of ancient trails used by animals and people as they traveled through this area to find food, to hunt, to travel from place to place, to settle in a new territory, to march to battle and to create communities. Today, the many short hiking trails are some of the best examples of what it must have been like to travel on the Old Trace.

The phrase “the journey is the destination” certainly applies to today’s Parkway. Protected and preserved by the National Park Service, the landscape along the Trace is unspoiled by modern development. You won’t find any billboards, travel plazas or businesses as you drive along the Trace itself — just natural beauty, fresh air, and a few friendly and historical markers along the way. The only homes you’ll find along the Trace belong to wildlife, and the 50 mph speed limit allows plenty of time to take in the stunning scenery along your journey.

The OLD TENNESSEE TRAIL, SETTLERS TO SOLDIERS, is a self -guided driving tour that begins and ends in Franklin, looping through Mount Pleasant. This trail takes you off the beaten path to discover some hidden treasures that are must sees and great eats!

Tennessee's Civil War tale is one of divided loyalties, crucial battles, and the wide-reaching devastation of "total war." People throughout the state were completely immersed in the economic, social, and physical effects of the conflict, subject to violence and terror, disease and malnutrition, heartbreak and loss, and military rule by both sides. The stories of the Underground Railroad and Emancipation bring out the other side of war in the African American struggle for freedom and citizenship. Many grim reminders of the war—as well as hopeful symbols of heroism and kindness—stand today as testament to how the war transformed Tennessee.

 Brochures and maps can be picked up at the Mount Pleasant Visitors Center.